March 19th 2019 Minutes

ABC of North Shore Community School
March 19th 2019
Call to order: 7:45 a.m.
Roll Call:
Phil Strom, Ed Bruckelmyer, Joshua Goutermont
Sarah Massie, Nikki Carpenter, Shelly Pierson, Denny Stolp, Chad Maki

I. Approve February Minutes: (M,S,C: JG, EB, unanimous)

II.Approve March 19th Agenda: (M,S,C: EB, JG, unanimous)

III. New Business

A. Review February 2019 bank statement and reconciliation – (M,S,C: JG, EB, unanimous)
B. Approval of March 2019 check run sub totaling $26,968.82 which includes ach Quickbooks of $60.00 ach, January mortgage payment of $22,856.75. – (M,S,C: JG, EB, unanimous)
C. Approval of March 2019 Quickbooks journal entry report provided – (M,S,C: JG, EB, unanimous)
D. Discuss solar array maintenance agreement with Belknap Electric – (Discussed agreement drawn up with EPA standards, motion was made, seconded and carried to except the agreement: EB, PS, unanimous)

I. Old Business –

A. Storage of gasoline for the tractor in the Morton. Chad will bring bids for the purchase of a flammable cabinet if cost is over $500.00. (Discussed and Chad said they can reuse the one they have so no cost)

Adjourn – 7:59 a.m.