Congratulations to the new Board members – Parent John Doberstein and Teacher Linda Johnson

North Shore Community School Board of Directors

North Shore Community School (NSCS) is governed by an elected board that functions independently of surrounding districts.  Board members are elected to serve three-year terms. The seven person Board of Directors is made up of three or four licensed teachers employed by the school; one parent/guardian of student enrolled in the school; one community member; and one or two at large members.

The NSCS Board of Directors meets the fourth Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the school library. Monthly meetings are rescheduled if school is not in session on the fourth Monday of the month. The public is invited to attend. Listed below are our current board members who appreciate hearing from you.

Sheri Camper, Michelle Compton, Jill Cornwell, Katie Erickson, Melissa Dallum, Denny Stolp, Kristi Lounsberry

Karie Erickson, Melissa Dallum, Jill Cornwell, Sheri Camper, Denny Stolp, Michelle Compton

Sheri Camper, Licensed Teacher (2019)
Michelle Compton, Vice Chair, Licensed Teacher (2017)
Jill Cornwell, Community Member (2019)
Katie Erickson, At Large (2018)
Melissa Dallum, Chair, Parent (2017)
Denny Stolp, Treasurer, At Large (2019)
Kristi Lounsberry, Interim Director-Ex Officio


NSCS Board Documents

2017 Minutes

2016 Minutes
2015 Minutes
Meeting Notice_Agenda
Adopted Budgets
Board Election Biographies