North Shore Community School Board of Directors

Harmony Feldman McCullough

Board Chair

Erin Labat
Erin Labat

Vice Chair

Mrs. Rollo
Chloe Rollo


Brooke Boyum


Mrs. Rolfe
Darcie Rolfe

Board Member

Jackie Webb -228-172
Jackie Webb

Board Member

Heather Hefter

Board Member

North Shore Community School (NSCS) is governed by an elected board that functions independently of surrounding districts.  Board members are elected to serve three-year terms.

The seven person Board of Directors is made up of three or four licensed teachers employed by the school; one parent/guardian of student enrolled in the school; one community member; and one or two at large members.

*The North Shore Community School Board of Directors meetings typically are the 4th Monday of the month at 5:00 in the North Shore Community School Library. Always check the calendar.

Listed below are our current board members who appreciate hearing from you.

Harmony Feldmen-McCullough, Chair, Parent (2023) Chloe Rollo, Secretary, Licensed Teacher (2024) Erin Labat, Vice-Chair, At Large (2025) Darcie Rolfe, Licensed Teacher (2025) Jackie Webb, Community Member (2025) Brooke Boyum, Licensed Teacher, Treasurer (2026) Heather Hefter, Parent (2026) Shelly Pierson, Executive Director-Ex Officio

Click here for a copy of the Board Member Roster with contact information