February 26th 2019 Minutes

ABC of North Shore Community School
February 26th 2019
Call to order:
Roll Call:
7:58 a.m.
Phil Strom, Ed Bruckelmyer, Joshua Goutermont
Nikki Carpenter, Shelly Pierson, Chad Maki

I. Approve January Minutes as amended (JG, PS, motion carried, unanimous)

II. Approve February 26th Agenda with addition of E. tractor shed– (JG, PS, motion carried, unanimous)

III. New Business

A. Review January 2019 bank statement and reconciliation – (JG, PS, motion carried, unanimous)
B. Approval of February 2019 check run sub totaling $38232.23 which includes ach Quickbooks of $60.00 ach, Microsoft office 365 of $75.85 plus January mortgage payment of $22,856.75. (JG, PS, motion carried, unanimous)
C. Approval of February Quickbooks journal entry report provided (JG, PS, motion carried, unanimous)
D. Mural Project- Motion to allow the 4th grade community art project mural on the  outside of the building.
E. Storage of gasoline for the tractor in the Morton. Chad will bring bids for the purchase of a flammable cabinet to the next ABC meeting if the cost is over $500.00.

I. Old Business –

Adjourn –