108 North Shore Community School Logo Use

108 North Shore Community School Logo Use

I. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to establish appropriate use of the North Shore Community School logo.

II. General Statement of Policy
The NSCS logo is the property of North Shore Community School. It may only be used on school
created items or for school sanctioned purposes. The logo with the school name provides the organization with a consistent visual image and carries significant recognition value for external audiences.

The logo should be used in its original form and with its blue and green colors (unless it is used as a single color logo on authorized school sponsored merchandise or copied in black and white).

The following are examples of documents/items that may include the logo
● All school communications and publications that are generated in the school office
● Classroom and specialist newsletters for the purpose of communicating with families
● Student permission forms
● The signature line for all staff e-mails (that are used for the purpose of school communication)
● T-Shirts and sweatshirts that are sold for the purpose of generating revenue for North Shore Community School and promoting school spirit.
● Letters of recommendation

The North Shore Community School Logo may not be used by any unauthorized person, group or club for any purpose. If any of the aforementioned wish to use the logo, permission must be obtained from the Executive Director.