106 Fundraising

106 Fundraising

I. Purpose

North Shore Community School recognizes the need for various school groups and committees to raise additional funds in order to support programs and meet goals. The purpose of this policy is to provide criteria for implementing, managing, and monitoring fundraising activities at North Shore Community School.

II. General Statement of Policy

North Shore Community School will support various fundraising activities for approved school programs within the guidelines of this policy.

III. Procedures and Guidelines

A. The director must approve school-sponsored fundraising activities that include pupils, staff, parents, and the community at-large.

B. The director must be notified in advance of any fundraising activity in order to ensure that there will be no conflict or overlap with other school events.

C. Fundraising activities may be denied or accepted based on whether or not the activity is consistent with school goals, philosophy, other policies, and state/federal laws or regulations.

D. Student and staff participation in fundraising activities is voluntary.

E. Any funds generated by school groups or committees are the responsibility of the School Board and will be administered by the Executive Director. The funds will be accounted for using policy and procedures consistent with other School Board policies and standard accounting practices.
F. Procedure must be in place that includes protocol for receiving, collecting, accounting, and reporting of funds in a professional, careful manner.