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PTA Meeting Tuesday, May 21st at 6:30 p.m.

NSCS PTA Sponsored Activities and Events

These are past activities and events that have been made possible by members and supporters of the NSCS PTA:


¬   Math Night

¬         Halloween Carnival

¬         Winter Frolic

¬         Community/Elders Celebration

¬         Playground Equipment

¬         Junior Great Books

¬         Phy. Ed. Fun Day

¬         ELC

¬         Classroom Allocations ($4.00 per student)

¬         The Zoo Mobile

¬         Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

¬         Class Field Trips

¬         Library Donation

¬         Kindergarten Round-Up Treats

¬         Puppet Intern and Show

¬         Maypole Celebration

¬         Reading Month

¬         Holiday Concert Treats

¬         Target VISA Contribution Set-up

¬         Grandparent’s Day Treats

¬         FREE Childcare during PTA Meetings